Do you sometimes feel that modern journalism is a little too busy with speed, drama and flashy ads? Then you felt just like the founders of Zetland did when they decided to do something drastically different in journalism. They went ahead to found a media company that was inherently slow and undramatic in its approach to the changes in the world we see.
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If you were an interior designer from Shanghai, where would you get that special, Børge Mogensen couch, you have been looking for since forever? Probably not online. Because usually, vintage pieces of design furniture are stowed away in a small shop somewhere in a busy city.
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Trucks filled with apparel, just moving back and forth. Engines running, carbon dioxide fuming into an increasingly warmer atmosphere. That’s the current reality of the online fashion industry where roughly 20 percent of all purchases are returned.
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Celebrations are the most important days of our lives. Weddings, anniversaries, Christmas parties or just friendly get-togethers - those are the days you want to think back on. But too many times, you will spend your time as a host in the kitchen, rather than catching up with the people close to you.
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Forgotton Anne

Imagine a place where everything that is lost and forgotten goes; old toys, letters, single socks. The Forgotten Lands is a magical world inhabited by Forgotlings: creatures composed of mislaid objects longing to be remembered again.
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More Music

The world needs more music played through the fingers of a kid trying a guitar for the first time or a 100-year-old picking up his piano skills after a lifelong break.
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Construction projects never go to plan. Delays and changes cause havoc on-site, teams work to different programmes. That's why LetsBuild connects the programme to project teams in real time.
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It’s not easy keeping track of all the cogwheels and store displays when you are trying to run a franchise store, an amusement park or a windmill farm.
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A healthy, modern person will try to exercise regularly to stay fit for fight. PlatoScience has developed the world’s only plug-and-play headset for cognitive neurostimulation which can help your brain think more focused or creatively.
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Rokoko is spearheading a paradigm shift in how developers work with human motion data.
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We.Care is built on the idea of making psychological treatment more available for everyone.
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A Content Creator Platform that provides the insights to get amazing results on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and blogs. You create awesome content and want to grow your social media presence while finding out what is actually working for you.
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OnApp Exited Exited

OnApp makes cloud easy for service providers, by bringing everything together in one unified, turnkey platform that’s easy to manage, use and sell - even for non-experts.
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So far in esports, the statistics has been missing. GameScorekeeper is set out to change this.
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FreeAgent IPO

FreeAgent provides UK online accounting software made specifically for freelancers, small business owners and their accountants
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JustEat IPO

The world’s leading online and mobile takeaway ordering service. KickAss Capital invested initially in 2004, with several follow-up investments in later rounds, prior to their IPO on the London Stock Exchange.
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GoMentor Exited Exited

GoMentor is an online therapy and coaching universe. Kickass Capital invested initially in 2008, with additional investments in later rounds and exited in 2018.
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UK2 Group Exited Exited

UK2Group empowers businesses worldwide to achieve professional excellence online, from budding startups to technology giants.
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Skandium is the leading company in the UK supplying modern contemporary Scandinavian lifestyle products for the home, outdoor, soft contract and hospitality markets.
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Empowering people to take care of themselves and the environment when deconstructing buildings.
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Run any high performance cloud native or container workload with bare metal performance.
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H1 Virtual Data Rooms

Who are we? We’re a bunch of dealmakers based in UK and EU. We generally make investments through kickass.capital and GungHo.io – angel investments, VC deals and M&A. We’ve done that for years, and have tons of experience from both good and less good ventures. h1 was founded by Ditlev Bredahl – a serial entrepreneur […]
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NORRIQ provides consultancy and technology that streamlines and supports all of the company's processes across the entire value chain.
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