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We invest in extraordinary entrepreneurs with unique technologies that will define the next era of innovation.


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Great ideas need great investments great ideas need great investments.

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What we do for you


If we decide to invest in your company, you should know that we are in it for the long haul – and that, along with the coming bank transfer, we put our personal trust in you and your ability to build your business.

There are many different ways for us to meaningfully invest in your company, and we welcome a discussion of what suits you best.


It takes a founder to understand a founder – and we’ve been there. Over the past two decades we have built and sold many successful tech companies, from niche players to full-scale unicorns.

That gives us unique experience and market understanding that we can share with your business to help you grow. The intricacies of the tech landscape are ever-changing, but the market dynamics tend to be the same.

While we’re here to offer assistance, we also make a conscious effort to allow you to run your company in the way you see fit. It’s your vision, after all, that brought you this far.


For many start-ups, being able to spend time crafting the right message, for the right audience, is often seen as icing on the cake. You’ve so much else to do… but having the right communication strategy from the get-go can make or break your company.

When you work with Kickass Capital, you can take advantage of senior-level communications and public relations consultancy to make sure your comms and PR strategy is right. We’ll work with you to build a compelling story that’s truly worth telling to the world. You can focus on building the core pillars of your company while leaving PR to the specialists.


We live and breathe tech start-ups, and we have the expertise to support you in making smarter decisions, in everything from product design to what’s under the hood of your server rack. While you should always have your in-house tech team in place, to build the IP from within, we can make sure that you avoid some of the usual pitfalls in development – and provide a useful sparring partner to sanity-check the decisions you want to make.

We have successfully designed small- and large-scale IT solutions that underpin successful businesses:  we know what it takes to scale your business from your first customer to the mainstream.



Don’t do the legal stuff on your own. Take our team of legal experts with you, and let us provide you with state-of-the-art clauses and contracts. Always on your side, our legal team has vast experience of the world of entrepreneurship. We can highlight a blind spot in your terms & conditions or waivers: we can help you avoid potential problems now, and in the future.

A lot of start-ups experience the same legal issues, and it’s not because of a lack of intelligence – just a lack of legal experience. Let us help you: we’ve been there, and seen it all before.

Our Team

Alexandar Korsgaard Bruun
Chief Executive Officer

Alexandar is CEO of KickAss Capital and advises the portfolio on legal matters. Having intricate knowledge within the field of entrepreneurship, he offers companies direction on company structure, funding process, and contract clauses. As an experienced lawyer, Alexandar makes unforeseen events into prepared-for events.

Ditlev Bredahl

Ditlev is partner in KickAss Capital and provides advice to the portfolio within business development, brand building and go-to-market strategy. Having personally started a handful of companies, Ditlev has extensive experience with building strong enterprises.

Carlos Rego
Chief Technology Officer

Carlos is Chief Technology Officer in KickAss Capital and advises the portfolio on matters of strategy, product design, and architecture. Having founded and served as C-Level management on several hosting and technology businesses focusing himself on product architecture and development, Carlos offers more than a decade of experience to portfolio companies with an emphasis on finding both viable and visionary solutions.

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What problems in the world would you love to solve? What are your goals in life? How would you like your kids to remember you… and how can we help you accomplish that?

At KickAss Capital, we invest in extraordinary entrepreneurs with unique technologies that will define the next era of innovation. We go in at proof-of-concept stage with cash – $200k-$2M – and our support and extensive network.

Sounds good? Then please send us your pitch.

We work closely with the team at, we suggest you use their pool of investors for further exposure.